FFL’s at Greater Risk From Coronavirus Response, But Some States Refuse To Close Gun Stores

FFL's at Greater Risk

Well folks, we thought, or rather hoped we were done with blog posts about Coronavirus, and our civil liberties. I think it’s pretty clear that we are dealing with an economic mixed bag between huge NICS crashing demand for guns, and sometimes forced closures of retail establishments. But now there are outright attacks on the ability to purchase, carry or transport guns during these unusual times.

So here is our important, and depressing roundup about attacks on gun rights under the guise of emergency legislation. Remember, don’t let up on reminding your elected officials how unacceptable this sort of thing is, and consider tossing a couple bucks to the rights groups we’ll talk about fighting all this. Heck, if you can consider getting a lawyer and suing whatever petty tyrant closest to you that is making the same sort of noise.

In no particular order…

Bellingham, WA Doesn’t Understand State Preemption Laws

Washington State used to be a pretty chill state where the left and right found some sort of common space and life went on and had great gun laws to boot. Then the Californians came and ruined everything. But they still maintain a strong preemption law which has served as a model for much of the nation.

That’s why the little liberal college town of Bellingham thinking about banning the sale, transport or possession of firearms during the COVID-19 crisis is somewhat headscratching. I mean you expect that sort of stunt from the radical anti-gun crowd. But they usually like to pay lip service to the law. Well, they never were ones for not letting a good crisis go to waste.

And with Washington’s Attorney General openly advocating harsh gun control, don’t expect much help from that corner if Bellingham tramples on the rights of people there.

Ohio, Connecticut, and Illinois Won’t Shut Down FFL’s

This surprising bit of news from one of the most rabidly anti-gun states in the union, plus Connecticut and Ohio shows that common sense, or more likely fears of massive lawsuits are keeping these two states in line.

Illinois specifically mentions firearms and ammunition for the purpose of security and safety. Maybe they are just thinking of the Chicago elites, or maybe they honestly are thinking of the little guy. Or maybe they are afraid of paying out another fat check to gun rights organizations for lawsuit expenses. But the important thing is that FFL’s in these three states at least can relax and keep selling whatever inventory they have on hand or can get.

However, things aren’t so rosy for FFL’s in other states…

New Jersey Shuts Down All Gun Sales

Why bother telling FFL’s to close, when you can just refuse to process background checks?

We are seeing how easy it is to crush the civil liberties of millions of Americans by the simple whim of a Governor. Apparently New Jersey has no regard for the rights of their subjects… errr citizens and are quite happy to shutdown the only means in place for New Jersey residents to beg permission to purchase an approved gun from the state. This isn’t freedom, this is tyranny conducted with the thin excuse of a health emergency.

Somebody needs to remind New Jersey that they are a part of the United States and should start behaving accordingly, instead of like their own demented little polluted fiefdom of misery and corruption.

New Orleans Gets Yelled At, Pennslyvania Sued

The Mayor of New Orleans is getting a lesson in why you don’t try to violate the civil liberties of gun owners. We sue at the drop of a hat, because we are tired of being messed with.

It would be nice if some sort of criminal penalty would go along with people who try these sorts of unconstitutional work arounds to try and suppress our gun rights, but bombarding these morons with letters is a good start while lawsuits are in the works.

Speaking of lawsuits, Pennsylvania is getting sued for closing FFL’s and shutting down gun sales.    Philadelphia mayor, and fan of suppressing the civil rights of the many black residents of his city, Jim Kenney has taken to Twitter to loudly complain about the terrors of Americans standing up for their rights and denouncing the lawsuit to reopen FFL’s.

Equating gun ownership with the violence he is unable to control in his city, Kenney foams at the mouth about the audacity of Americans to demand their rights.

Philadelphia resident and gun rights advocate Maj Toure, of Black Guns Matter, called out Kenney. We wonder if Kenney will care, or if he’ll just stick to the gun control playbook and taking advantage of the Coronavirus crisis to advance his agenda?

House Democrats Propose Licensing Gun Owners, Banning Silencers and More…

But wait! There is sadly more.

Some misguided Congresscritters are trying to basically destroy American gun ownership. Sure, this probably won’t pass and is probably too extreme even for some of the left, but it demonstrates the rabid fantasy of control, control, more control, and outright bans that so many on the left dream of when it comes to gun ownership.

From bans on pretty much any semi-auto rifle, to oppressive licensing and training requirements to own guns, outright bans on silencers (for some reason while anti-gun Europe loves and even mandates their use as a safety tool and to reduce noise pollution, American anti-gunners are terrified of these things), and much, much, much more, this bill is an affront to all rational thinking Americans.

Can We Catch Our Breath Please?

It’s not fun writing these blog posts. In fact it’s not even fun waking up and finding out what nightmare scenarios played out overnight. We’d like to not have to write these, not least of which is because they are depressing lately are getting downright repetitive. We could probably just tell all our customers and readers “Hey, gun rights are under attack because of COVID-19” and not say anything else.

Well, they are. From coast to coast the Coronavirus crisis is being used as cover to implement all sorts of horrible social control schemes and test the limits of Americans to be controlled. And sadly, many are gleefully falling in line because they are scared, uneducated and uninformed.

Support your local and national gun rights groups. Teach people how to shoot. Reach out to the decent people on the other side of the political aisle who can change how their party treats guns. There is an awakening among the working class of the left who are finding out they’ve been lied to about guns. Let’s keep it moving. Oh yeah and social distancing, 6 feet apart, etc… I’m ready for this to end. Aren’t you?

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