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How To Get an FFL

Are you researching how to get FFL licensed in your area?  You have arrived at the right place. FFL123.com has helped over 50,000 customers in all 50 states and even residents in the US Territories.  We understand your local issues and have probably helped your neighbor overcome the same issue.  Local issues are a common obstacle, and this is something we have been helping customers overcome since 2005.

Many individuals are unaware before they apply for an FFL license of how difficult the process can be if you do not have insights into the best type of license to obtain or even an understanding of hours of FFL operation. After realizing how hard it is to get approved after they have been rejected, individuals regret not having enlisted the help of a professional company who has years of experience with the system and knows exactly how to help folks get approved the first time.  Once you are denied by ATF, this makes it even more difficult to be approved when you decide to apply later.

How To Get FFL

Learn How To Get FFL License Today

You can try to obtain your license on your own, but you miss out on so much insider knowledge that you can only know from having been through the process. Brandon has been through the process eight different times and holds an FFL and class 3 license in four different states.  When a majority of FFL applicants are denied in their first attempt, you cannot take the risk of trying to go it alone. The requirements and steps for successfully obtaining a license vary from location to location, which makes it even more confusing to figure out how to get a FFL done correctly on the first try. Ffl123.com is experienced, excels in customer services, and knows the system inside and out.  We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been positively reviewed by the NRA and GunDigest to name a few.

Ffl123.com’s owner, Brandon, walks customers through the FFL process personally. This type of personal involvement from the owner sets FFL123.com apart from the how to get FFL approved websites and forums. He takes the time to educate customers on the nine different types of FFL licenses and helps customers figure out what type they need to apply for. Additionally, Brandon will take customers step-by-step through the application paperwork with examples on how to complete the actual paperwork. He is always available through email or live chat to personally answer questions as you work through the FFL process. He is timely, confident, and experienced, so much that he guarantees his services 150% to customers. He has helped so many satisfied clients (50,000), and it’s time for you to be one of them!

How To Get FFL

Ffl123.com offers one of the best values in the market- how to get an FFL license correctly the first time. Once Brandon has helped customers obtain their FFL license, his involvement and assistant does not stop there. He goes beyond the how to get FFL licensing process in helping customers find discount wholesalers who can offer them the best deals on firearms and ammunition supplies. Customers struggle to find these types of deals on their own without the help and assistance of FFL123.com. Brandon is so experienced that he has a detailed contact list of firearms wholesalers (30,000 currently) throughout the country that he shares with his customers. He truly values each customer, and the customer service is unmatchable when learning how to get FFL licensed.  We look forward to assisting you today!


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