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Keeping Up With Firearms Industry News

The firearms industry is absolutely booming right now, and it can be hard to keep up with all of the new product releases, testing reviews, industry news, and political influence. Luckily, there are a lot of websites and magazines that curate this kind of information, and they can be great resources for you to stay up to date.

Let’s take a look at a few of them:

American Rifleman: The world’s oldest continually published firearms magazine, American Rifleman went digital and offers plenty of online content including articles, videos, and breaking news on the latest guns, gear, and ammunition.

Ammoland: Ammoland covers a ton of different aspects of the shooting sports industry, including some tangential ones you might not think about, such as archery, conservation, and knife rights. They provide press releases, product reviews, and even a heads up on good deals for guns and gear.

The Truth About Guns: The Truth About Guns, often called TTAG, provides product releases, gun and gear reviews, tips, industry and political news, and commentary on a variety of industry-related topics. They’ve also got curated sections for articles about “Guns for Beginners” and “Facts About Guns.”

The Firearm Blog: If you don’t want to get bogged down with political material (of which there’s a lot of lately), then head over to The Firearm Blog. Their motto is “Firearms, Not Politics” and they mean it. Guns, tactics, tips, gear, and more – just nothing political.

America’s 1st Freedom: If you’re looking for the best source for political and legislative news related to the 2nd Amendment, then America’s 1st Freedom is the site you’re looking for. Whether it’s smaller scale state and local information or higher stakes involving Congress, POTUS, or SCOTUS, those updates and pertinent information will be available her.

Pew Pew Tactical: I really can’t describe Pew Pew Tactical any better than they already did on their site, so I’ll let them handle it: “With a name like that, how can I take you guys seriously?  You don’t have to…since we don’t take ourselves seriously either. There’s enough of that going around in the firearms world and all we want to do is to help out fellow enthusiasts level up their gun knowledge (while also keeping safe). Think of us like your gun obsessed buddy who is really awesome at explaining stuff, and doesn’t mind doing whatever it takes.

Shooting Wire: Shooting Wire is a great resource if you’re looking for straightforward announcements about firearms industry news, new product releases, etc. It is updated frequently and like clockwork, so they’ve always got fresh information.

Firearms News: Firearms News allows you to filter the kind of industry information you’re looking for by different categories, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, air guns, and NFA items. Check out one or all for the latest tips, tricks, reviews, and more.

If you’re looking for a more tactile approach, there are still plenty of sources that publish paper magazines. Here are some to consider:

Guns & Ammo: When people think of gun magazines, this one probably comes to mind first. It’s one of the mainstays in the industry, providing product releases, reviews, tips, tricks, and lots of great stories from some of the most well-known writers.

RECOIL: This ain’t your daddy’s gun magazine; Guns & Ammo it is not – think of it more like Maxim for guns. RECOIL magazine primarily offers reviews on firearms, ammunition, knives, and shooting gear; as well as gunsmithing tips, historical articles, gun collecting, self-defense and automobiles. Each issue contains a few featured articles and personality profiles of people in the firearms industry as well as press releases of new products.

Guns of the Old West: Don’t let the name fool you. There’s still a lot of new products in the world of the Old West. Replica guns abound and you’ll find releases about new ones here. There’s also great content about historic arms of the era.

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