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Opportunities of a Class 3 – Hunting

Nov 29

Do you own a gun store already? Are you thinking about owning one and getting your FFL? Great, it’s a great time to join an ever expanding and evolving industry. If you are thinking about getting your standard FFL and calling it a day you are missing out on a major revenue stream that recently attached itself to the hunting industry. Especially with hunting season in full swing. If you already have an FFL you are also missing out on a major revenue stream. Where does this stream flow from? From Lake Class 3 of course. A class 3 or Special occupational tax allows you to sell suppressors, which have become increasingly popular with hunters. Class 3’s can also sell short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, AOWs, and even machine guns.

Follow the herd…and follow the money

Why are Suppressors the Next Thing in Hunting?

Hunting is a major part of the firearms industry and it’s the time of year casual shooters are most likely to stumble into the gun store for ammo, optics, guns, and yes suppressors. Hunting laws are determined mostly by the state you are living in, and the legality of using suppressors while hunting is determined by the state. Currently, the majority of states, 34 to be exact, allow you to use suppressors while hunting.

Suppressors offer hunters the ability to take a shot without risking their hearing. Let’s be real here, it’s not really possible to toss a pair of ear pro in without spooking that big buck. Some people may say something along the lines of “Why not use electronic muffs?”

They’ll never hear it coming – Courtesy Dakota Silencer

Well, hunting requires all your senses for one, and electronic muffs may allow you to hear and protect your ears but it doesn’t give the ability to decipher where the sound is coming from. Plus they are electric and rely on batteries. Electronics fail and batteries die. A rifle equipped with a suppressor is more a reliable, and intuitive option. You can protect your hearing reliably, safely, and always know where a sound is coming from.

Not only that but when hunting small game a suppressor is great for shooting and taking more than one animal. I can scoot and shoot squirrels with my 22 LR all day long and move in a small area without spooking other squirrels.

Shotguns can even be suppressed – Courtesy US Fish and Game

Suppressors aren’t just becoming legal for hunting in more state, but they are also becoming more affordable. As popularity rises so does competition. More competition gives you lower prices and a better selection. These days hunters have access to more choices at better prices than ever before.

The Surge is Soon To Come

Right now suppressor sales around the country are sky high and they are only going to get higher in the coming years. With a gun friendly administration and a newer nicer ATF, we are seeing serious NFA reform. The ATF teamed with numerous professionals in the firearms industry to modernize the process for apply for a tax stamp. Shorter wait times means higher demand, and a more streamlined process is going to inspire more and more shooters to take the suppressor dive.

The program is barely in effect and we have already seen NFA wait times reduced. The good news is that by next year the program is going to be in full effect. This hunting season has already shown us an uptick in suppressor sales, imagine what the sales potential is for next year?

That’s why if you are looking to get an FFL or already have one, you need to get a Class 3 SOT. By this time next year, you can be slinging suppressors at the cyclic rate to hunters looking to make things a little quieter. This surge is going to be a good year for the industry and it’s a good way to capture to help you get in the black with a new business. Obviously getting an FFL and a Class 3 SOT is going to take time, and so is establishing a business and making connections with distributors. That’s why you really need to act now.

The government may like to take their time, but our intuitive, up to date FFL and Class 3 guides are here to help you cut time and do it right the first time. With a little ambition, a little ink, and our one of a kind guides you could be poised to cash in on one of the biggest surges we’ll see in this administration.

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