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Getting an FFL is the first step to becoming a professional business in the arms industry. Generally speaking, it’s often a small obstacle, whereas setting up new accounts with wholesalers and manufactures to buy direct at wholesale pricing is often a larger obstacle than getting the FFL itself.

Navigating Supply & Demand

With limited supplies of firearms in the current market, the manufacturers and wholesalers can be picky about who they sell to based on their own business models and bottom line. One of the great benefits to using FFL123 is the help we provide with getting those accounts set up after your FFL is approved and in your hands.

We’ve heard reports back from many of our customers raving about the success they’ve experienced by utilizing the specific contacts and wholesalers we provide. But the best success story we’ve heard when it comes to getting the ball rolling on accounts comes from one of our customers who took the help we gave him and then ran with it one step further.

This particular FFL123 customer, who we’ll simply call “Mike” to help protect his privacy, developed a concise packet of information containing all of the items that wholesalers will ask for when it comes to having an account with them. With all of these different documents put together, it cut down on time spent on back and forth communication between Mike and the FFL wholesalers and FFL manufacturers trying to get all of the correct documentation to set up and approve his new account. In fact, he reported that it cut down on his wait time by approximately 75%! That’s a huge time savings that can now be used to focus on other important aspects of running his business.

Streamlining the Process with Wholesalers & Manufacturers

Mike’s packet includes some of the more obvious documents, such as a letter explaining his desire to have an account with the FFL wholesaler or FFL manufacturer and a copy of his newly approved FFL license, but it also includes other documents that are not typically asked for until later in the account approval process. That part was his key to cutting down on wait time.

We interviewed Mike about his idea to send out the packet. When we asked where he got his idea from, he said it actually began with advice that we gave about contacting desired wholesalers, and then he took it further to increase his odds of success. He wanted to take the most professional approach possible, so Mike chose twenty of his preferred wholesalers out of our list of over 30,000, printed out his packet along with a cover letter, and mailed the documents to each of them individually. Additionally, he scanned in all of the documents and emailed them to each FFL wholesaler and FFL dealer.

Going the extra mile and submitting digital documents was extremely beneficial. Mike said he had a couple of accounts already set up and running by the end of the first day!

Creativity, thinking outside the box, and a little extra work lead to Mike’s great success. He certainly found success in setting up FFL wholesale accounts by utilizing a simple idea.

Be Like Mike

If you’ve got ideas of your own for effective best practices, feel free to tell us about them! You can also join FFL123 to access our exclusive member-only content and see just what exactly Mike put into his FFL wholesaler and FFL manufacturer information packets to ensure he was approved when so many others are being ignored or denied! We thank Mike for sharing his store and have now added the information to our member only forums. See our frequently asked questions section about getting the FFL you deserve, as well for more information.

We’re so confident that our products will help streamline your FFL process that we offer a 150% money back guarantee! You literally have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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