FFL License Application

[Update 2021: Read the updated article How to Apply FFL Application ]

The application for a federal firearms license is, quite obviously, one of the most important parts of the entire FFL process. It’s likely what brought you here! However, what may not be as obvious is that the application is a little more complex than you may have originally thought. It’s made up of four different parts, each of which needs to be filled out completely and correctly. That’s one of the biggest benefits of becoming a member of FFL123.com!

Inside our guide you will find an example ffl application which is labeled exactly as you’ll need to fill it out. Additionally, on sections where we get asked many questions, we have expanded the explanation into a full paragraph to ensure that you feel confident that what you’re putting on your application is correct. Our goal is to make sure that you only need to apply once as you’ve done it right the first time!

We also get asked frequently about the CLEO (chief law enforcement officer) portion of the application. In the guide, we explain to you who that would be in your area and what you need to send him or her.

We explain what to do if you’d like to have several different people on your FFL license. We have a list created of the documents which need to be submitted in duplicate because of the additional members and which will only need one copy.

Finally, we have provided a comprehensive check list of everything that needs to be done before submitting the FFL application. This check list will make sure your application goes through as smoothly as possible because it means you haven’t missed any steps which could delay your approval or worse, get you denied! FFL application by itself is only part of the paperwork needing to be submitted, so be sure to see our list of other requirements to be completed correctly the first time.

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