A Closer Look at the FFL Application

FFL Application

Completing the ATF FFL application may look difficult, confusing, or even overwhelming.  Although, in most cases, the information requested is rather straight forward and not too difficult to complete.  As part of our ffl guides, we do supply a fully completed FFL application example, and we have annotations on each question to further explain in greater detail what ATF is requesting and why.  We also recently created a video for each chapter within our guides, and the video on completing this application is 45 minutes long.  Completing the information is not difficult, but completing correctly can have a huge impact on your FFL approval.  Completing the application incorrectly can lead to potential ATF denial, or your future plans could be severely limited.  Be sure to review FFL requirements as well.

The FFL application can be found on the ATF website here.  Although the questions appear straight forward, a few concerns have been brought to our attention most recently from non-FFL123 customers…  Once the FFL is approved, we have heard situations where applicants were not able to set up accounts with wholesalers or manufacturers based on how they submitted their FFL application.  Another common issue is around hours of operation requested on the ffl application; we find each ATF regional office has differing opinions, interpretations, and views on this question.

For FFL hours of operation on the application; if you put too few hours as open or too many hours in the evenings or weekends… you will likely be denied.  If you place too many hours during the day, you are likely to get an inspection when you would not even be available.  We provide insights and information on how to select the best hours based on your current and future plans and help ensure no concerns will arise in the application process.  We have also uncovered an insight that answering question #9 in a particular way will allow you to select hours by appointment only, which is a great option to consider when first starting.

ATF FFL application Question #1 seems obvious, although we have found putting your full name here can actually hurt your chances of getting set up with wholesalers and manufacturers once your FFL is officially approved.  We have an entire chapter on some cost effective options to help make sure this does not become an issue once you are approved for your FFL license.  We also cover how to use your name correctly if this is your only real option.

ATF FFL application Question #2 is also very important.  Answering this question incorrectly can have a negative impact on setting up accounts with firearms suppliers and manufacturers similar to note in question 1.  Answering this question takes more thought than you might think.  Facebook, PayPal, Yahoo, Google, eBay, etc. will see this name and will limit your future plans if done incorrectly.  You can learn from our experience. The Internet is here to stay, and many of the Internet giants are not firearms friendly, and you need to be prepared for this reality.  Thinking through this question is important, and we have part of a chapter dedicated to this question specifically.  We want to ensure you look back on this process and not have any regrets once approved.  Our sales and marketing background can help with this question to ensure wholesalers and manufacturers welcome your purchases.

Type of FFL to get is also worth spending time reviewing the features and benefits of each type before applying.  The type 01 FFL is for buying, selling, and repairing firearms.  The less expensive option is the type 07 FFL license, which allows buying, selling, repairing, assembly, and manufacturing of firearms.  The type 07 FFL is the fastest growing type of license applicants are getting.  The 07 has a few different steps, so it is good to review all options and all possibilities before selecting and applying for a federal firearms license blindly without reviewing all the facts.

Completing the FFL application process correctly is so important, we do not want you to be denied by ATF.  We also do not want you to go through the entire FFL process and be approved and then not be able to set up accounts with wholesalers and manufacturers.  A few simple precautions and planning steps can ensure you are approved and significantly decrease the chance of issues further down the road.  Let’s work together to make this a simple and rewarding process for you.

Finish Your FFL Application

Brandon, owner of FFL123.com also owns Dakota Silencer with an FFL in SD, ND, NE, & WY and a Class 3 in each location as well.

We offer the most comprehensive packages available on the market. What really sets FFL123 apart is their superb industry knowledge and customer service. Brandon Maddox walks each customer through the process, answering emails personally. Brandon works one-on-one with folks to determine which type of FFL license they need. He takes his customers through the paperwork and helps them prepare for their meeting with the ATF. He answers your various questions regarding state and federal requirements, as he is knowledgeable in each area from firsthand experience. With Brandon’s personal touch that he gives each customer, it is no wonder why Brandon operates one of the largest and most trusted FFL dealer and Class 3 dealerships in the nation.

We continue to serve customers long after they have obtained their FFL license. We provide a detailed list of wholesalers and manufacturers, allowing customers to easily find wholesalers that offer the best deals and are located close to them for better shipping rates. Purchasing an FFL123 kit is an investment in your future. After folks consider how much money they save even after the process of obtaining the license, they realize that the kit actually saves them time and money in the long run.  We remove stress from the entire approval process, helping ensure you do everything correctly the first time.

Brandon helps customers find cheaper ammo and firearms with his direct connections at wholesalers, deals that the customer would otherwise not be able to find on their own. With years of experience under our belt, we help individuals in all 50 states. Get FFL license the fast, easy, and budget wise way! Choose Brandon and FFL123.com to help you today!  Better Business Bureau A+ rated!

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