The Top Ten Gun Accessories You Need to Sell

The firearms industry is massive, and it goes beyond just guns and ammo. As a growing gun store I’m sure you have plenty of guns and ammo, but what about accessories? Typically a gun is a significant purchase, but accessories are easy ones. Selling the right accessories can be a substantial boost to your bottom line, and it’ll bring in more customers to purchase different items. Using a variety of sources I’ve found some of the top-selling Gun accessories of all time.

1. Holsters

Well duh, if you sell handguns, you need to sell holsters. The hard part is which holsters? With so many guns out there it can be tricky to grab the right market. The first step, obviously look at the top selling guns. Gunbroker publishes an impressive list a few times a year. That will give you a good idea of what’s selling. You need to examine your market and see what sells.          

Some clear winners are always Glocks, Ruger’s and other big names in the industry. Alternatively, you go with holsters like the Phalanx Defense Stealth Operator which fits over a 150 different automatic handguns. The Blackhawk Omnivore is another excellent choice due to how many pistols it can host, and the fact its compatible with Serpa gear. Holsters continuously show up in Amazon’s top ten list of firearm’s accessories. 

2. Magazines

Another must-have is magazines. Like holsters, you need to examine your market, as well as the firearms market, in general, to see what magazines are worth having. Just knowing a thing or two about the market should tell you that some must-haves will be AR 15 magazines from reputable companies like Magpul and Lancer, Glock magazines, AK magazines, and Ruger 10/22 magazines. These are supremely popular weapons and are used in a variety of different guns. Again, examine your market and what guns are selling in your area. 

3. Slings

Long guns need slings? From tactical rifles and shotguns to hunting guns a sling is a must-have. Slings and some essential sling accessories are great for a market where AR 15s are ruling the roost. When hunting season comes around slings from companies like Allen are always sure bets. 

4. Optics

Optics of all kinds are hot right now. Another major Amazon bestseller is affordable, but quality optics. The Bushnell TRS 25, the Vortex Sparc, the Burris Fastfire 3, and other affordable and quality optics are excellent sellers, and great go to’s in the current market. Variable optics from companies like Nikon, Vortex, and Bushnell are excellent hunting optics with a proven track record for reliability and affordability. Expensive optics are often hard to sell, but having a few Aimpoints, Eotechs, and Trijicons in the selection may be a solid choice as well. 

5. Magazine Loaders

Positioned at 2 and three on Amazon’s best selling gun accessories is two different magazine loaders. I adore magazine loaders for how much easier they make my life. If you are a high volume shooter like me you want to spare your thumbs and spend less time loading, then a Magazine loader is a great tool to have. They are affordable and easy to use, plus they come in nearly every flavor you can imagine. Get a few for popular firearms like the AR 15, the Glock, and there are a few excellent close to universal models for pistols. 

6. Bipods

What’s the number one selling item on Amazon’s Gun accessories list? A bipod! Specifically the CV Life 6 to 9-inch bipod. Bipods are great little accessories that are often affordable and perfect for hunting, plinking, and tactical use. Bipods are also basically universal concerning attachment to a rifle, so you don’t typically have to be uber specific. 

7. Magpul Everything

This is cheating, but when it comes to the firearm’s world Magpul kind of rules everything accessory wise. At least for the most popular of guns including the AR 15, the AK series, most Glocks, and even the Remington 700 and Ruger 10/22. Their accessories are incredibly high quality but universally considered affordable. Magpul makes tons of accessories, and their reputation makes them a must-have when it comes to firearm’s accessories. 

8. Gun Cleaning Gear

This one seems like another well duh. People who shoot guns likely clean their weapons and gun cleaning gear is an affordable and often needed accessory. Gun cleaning gear includes AP brushes, gun oil, bore brushes, bore snakes, and of course plenty of Hoppes no 9. Gun cleaning kits come in both big and small varieties and are well suited for most roles. 

9. Basic Gunsmithing Tools

By gunsmithing tools, I don’t mean a full shop of wrenches, punches, and drill presses. I mean the real basics of gun maintenance. For the AR 15, this would include an AR wrench, a punch set, a gas block alignment tool, and maybe a receiver vise block. This little things make building and assembling ARs an easy venture. On top of this tools like the Glock tool, borescopes, non-marring screwdrivers, trigger pull scales, and sight presses are great tools to carry and sell. 

10. Pistol Braces 

Last but not least is pistol braces. AK, AR, and a half dozen other ‘pistols’ are insanely popular these days. Part of there popularity comes from pistol braces. These braces allow you to stabilize the gun and shoot it with ease. Pistol braces are massively popular, and if you plan to carry AR 15 pistols, AK pistols, CZ Scorpions, MPXs, or even the Mossberg Shockwave, then you need to consider pistol braces. 


Selling a good variety of accessories will help generate extra sales when a new customer buys a gun. Having them available and on hand means you have a way to make little deals with the purchase of a firearm, or even after that gun is sold. The trick is knowing your customers and what they are interested in. Once you know what your customer needs you’ll be sitting pretty and selling accessories like crazy.

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