All About ATF 5300.4, ATF 5320.1 & ATF 5630.7

ATF 5300.4, ATF 5320.1 & ATF 5630.7

Welcome to the confusing world of ATF forms! Ok, now that the cheery sarcasm is out, let’s face it. The ATF seems to have a form for everything except making coffee, and they probably would if they could figure out how to get away with it. However, along with a fresh cup of coffee, we are most interested in three different ATF forms right now – the ATF Form 5320.1, or Form 1 as it is more commonly known, ATF Form 5300.4 or Form 4, and ATF Form 5630.7.

Because bureaucratic numbers are nonsensical and boring, and tell us exactly nothing about what each of these ATF forms do, we’ll take a closer look at each one, and when (or if) you ever need to use them.

ATF Form 5320.1 or Form 1 

This is perhaps the most popular of the 3 ATF forms we discuss. Form 5230.1 or Form 1 is the magical “Application to Make and Register a Firearm” that allows people to make and register an NFA device like  a silencer or other NFA item.

Because it is possible to build many different NFA devices from kits or by simply swapping parts, the ATF Form 5320.1 is extremely popular. With the rise of ATF eForms, it is even more popular, as it is possible to get approval to build your NFA device within weeks if done correctly.

The ATF Form 1 is for people who want to make and register homemade NFA devices. Because so many modern guns like AR style rifles are modular and also available in pistol form, it is very easy to built a high quality short barrel rifle by simply swapping a few parts, which is one reason the ATF Form 5320.1 is so popular right now. You can also get various forms of “solvent trap” kits that are totally not thinly veiled suppressor kits that just need drilling. Many people build these legally on an ATF Form 1 as well, although it is something of a legal gray area.

At any rate, if you have the right pile of parts or are handy with machine tools, a Form 1 build when properly filed electronically is a fast, easy and fun way to get into the NFA game, or get your next NFA device!

ATF Form 5300.4 

The ATF Form 5300.4 or Form 4 is one of those ATF forms you’ll never know about unless you are in the very specific situation of buying an NFA item from a dealer.

When do you use an ATF Form 4? When you are buying an NFA item from a dealer. Properly called “Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of a Firearm” it is used when you buy an already existing NFA item, as opposed to making one on an ATF Form 1.

The ATF Form 4 basically requires you to submit a bunch of identifying information about yourself or your trust or corporation, some fingerprints, and payment for your NFA tax. Your dealer can efile the ATF Form 5300.4 as well, which can cut down on the notorious NFA wait time people deal with.

Basically then, you use the ATF Form 4 when you go to an NFA dealer and buy an NFA item. If you want to buy a silencer, it is even possible to get your ATF Form 4 handled entirely by mail through one company, which makes the process easier than ever for you.

ATF Form 5630.7

The ATF Form 5630.7 is perhaps the most esoteric of these ATF forms we are discussing. Also called “Special Tax Registration and Return” the ATF Form 5630.7 is something only SOT’s will ever have to fill out or deal with.

An SOT or Special Occupancy Tax Payer, is somebody who has an FFL and has paid a special fee to the ATF to be licensed to manufacture, sell, import or export NFA devices. SOT’s must pay a variable tax to the ATF to keep their SOT status. To pay that tax, they must fill out and submit an ATF Form 5630.7.

Because the 5630.7 form is so specialized (only a few thousand Americans will ever have to fill one out) it isn’t something widely understood in the NFA world unless you are actually an SOT.

Like all ATF forms it is rigid and annoying, but not difficult to fill out, once you take the time to read and understand it. Because it pretty much is something used to pay a tax, it’s just one of those forms where if you have to do it, you do it and get it done with until the next tax bill comes due.

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