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Home Based FFL License – All the Benefits

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Benefits of a Home-Based FFL

For most serious shooters and gun owners the idea of having one’s own FFL is a bit of a dream. A wish we all have as we browse Slick Guns and lust after deals, or when we comb through internet classifieds finding rare and exotic firearms that just so happen to be hundreds or even thousands of miles away. An FFL would just make life simpler.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be a dream.

While most of us assume acquiring a Federal Firearms License is difficult, and nigh …

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Blue Force Gear Vicker’s Sling

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Larry Vickers is one of the premier firearms instructors we have today. His long career as a member of Delta Force gave him massive amounts of experience and training he now passes on in a variety of ways. One such way was designing the Vickers Combat Application Sling, or simply the Vickers sling. Blue Force Gear produces the sling and it’s gained a monumental following. So today we are going to focus on why the Vickers sling is so universally approved of.

What Makes it Different?

In the mid to early 2000s two …

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Mantis X Training System

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It’s nice to finally see the tech industry and the gun industry merge together to benefit gun owners. The Mantis X program is likely the most professional attempt I’ve seen to blend tech and firearms without costing an arm and a leg. The Mantis X is a consumer grade app and electronic device that measures just how well you are pulling that trigger. It’s designed to function with dry fire, live shooting, and even Co2 powered air guns. 

The Mantis X is a small, but tough electronic device designed to fit on the picatinny rail or any …

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The Meosight 3 Review

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First Impressions

The Meopta Sports Optics Meosight 3 is my newest, and favorite, optic to join the family. It’s admittedly my first miniature red dot optic and has made me see the light. The tiny red light. The Meosight 3 is a teeny tiny red dot that’s made a big difference in my shooting ability. This little fella weighs 35 grams! That’s 1.23 ounces. That’s like two good sips of water.

There are a variety of mounts available for the Meopta Meosight, and it can directly attach to a pistol, or you can make use …

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The Kel Tec Sub 2000 Gen 2 Review

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The Kel Tec Sub 2000 Gen 2 Review

The original Kel Tec Sub 2000 is a very odd, but very interesting rifle. It’s a pistol caliber carbine that fed from popular pistol magazines. Different configurations were made to accept S&W third gen magazines, Beretta 92 magazines, and of course Glock magazines. A unique feature was the fact the rifle could be folded in half, making it very easy to transport in nearly any moderately sized bag.

The first generation was introduced in 2001 to little fanfare. Kel Tec is not known for making mass quantities of their rifles …

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Home Defense Shotgun

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The Home defense shotgun is the classic American home defense weapon. The shotgun likely gained this status from it being a ubiquitous gun found in nearly every American home at one time. As of late the Shotgun has been challenged more and more by the rifle, and the handgun in the home defense role. I do feel the shotgun is still an excellent choice for home defense.

Why the Shotgun


A quality shotgun from a well known, and respected brand like Mossberg is much cheaper than a quality handgun or rifle. Your typical …

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HPA (The Hearing Protection Act)

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The Hearing Protection Act, or the HPA, has been gathering a lot of buzz lately. With the November election resulting in Republican control of the Senate, the House, and the White House a lot of people are excited for it to pass. If you aren’t savvy on the HPA it is a very simple bill. It aims to deregulate suppressor sales to the point where they are treated as a normal firearm.

Photo Courtesy of the NRA – President Roosevelt’s 1894 carbine and Maxim Silencer

Currently to own or build a suppressor a …

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NFA Myths

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NFA Myths

The National Firearms Act, or the NFA, is an old piece of legislature that’s created an entire bureaucracy around it. Due to a lot of misunderstanding, half truths, and the prevalence of forum wisdom there are a lot of myths regarding the NFA. Several of these myths often turn people away from buying NFA items. Today we are going to debunk the most popular NFA myths.


You Need a Class 3 License

One of the most widespread myths is the Class 3 license. The Myth proclaims to own an NFA item you …

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The Rise of the Pistol Caliber Carbine – A look at why Pistol caliber carbines have become so popular and what they are useful for

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The Rise of the Pistol Caliber Carbine

Tossing pistol rounds into a rifle is nothing new. Way back when the rough men of the old west would often match the caliber of their lever action rifles to the six gun they carried on their hips. Over time, rifle rounds became more efficient and effective, making this practice fall out of favor. However, we are seeing a massive resurgence of pistol caliber carbines.


Why have pistol caliber carbines become popular is a subject worthy of exploration. The big rise in pistols caliber carbines, or PCCs, has to come from the release of two …

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A Primer on Action Shooting sports like 3 Gun, IPSC, etc

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Competition Shooting Run Down

Action shooting is growing quite a bit in popularity. Shooting sports, in general, have become a major focus for guns and gear manufacturers with gear dedicated purely for competition becoming quite common. Here are the three most popular action shooting sports in the United States. This is a general run down and overview of the basics of the systems. The rule books for these sports are often close to 50 pages. This should give you a decent idea of the competitions out there though.

IPSC Handguns

IPSC, or the International Practical Shooting Confederation, is one of the oldest action …

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