How Much Does an FFL Cost?

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So you’ve found your interest piqued by the idea of getting a federal firearms license. It’s going to be great having all of those advantages- cheaper guns and ammo, providing a service for family/friends/customers, making some income on the side- but you’re dealing with the federal government, so it’s got to be expensive, right? Well, believe it or not, getting your FFL will not break the bank! You can obtain your type 07 FFL for the low price of $150. Icing on the cake? You only have to pay that amount every three years! So, let’s break this down a little further. One hundred fifty dollars every three years means that amount divides out to $50 a year. The average mark up on a gun is 30%. So if you sold a gun with a retail price of $175, your fee would already be covered. You could also do a few transfers for which FFL dealers usually charge a service fee of $15-$30. That means you provide two to three transfers, and your fee has been covered.

Now, let’s back up to where I mentioned type 07 FFL. The type 07 license allows you to manufacture firearms and ammo, buy and sell firearms and ammo, transfer firearms, assemble firearms, and repair firearms. That’s a lot of options wrapped up in just one license. It costs you $150 to apply and the renewal fee every three years is also $150. This license is one of the most popular licenses customers apply for.

The other license frequently applied for is the type 01 FFL. By going this route, you will be allowed to buy and sell firearms and ammo. Your options for business have definitely been reduced by deciding to pursue this license versus the type 07. On top of that, the fee to apply is $200. However, before you completely write the type 01 off as useless, I’d like to mention that the renewal fee you pay every three years is simply $90. I’m sure you’re asking, “Why would the ATF charge more to apply for a license you can do less with?” The answer is: when we find someone who knows, we’ll let you know.

So at the end of the day, any fees incurred by obtaining a federal firearms license can easily be covered by doing just a little bit of business. Don’t let the cost of the application stop you from getting your FFL today! Join Today!

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  1. Guest

    07 vs 01
    the cost over 5 years 01 = $560 and 07= $750
    so initial savings end up costing more in the long run , 07 for a homebased FFL is it the right choice ? Thank you

  2. Guest

    Do you have to pay for each FFL you want, example 01, 07 and the one for silencers? Or do the various ones come with the same allowances?

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