How to Acquire FFL License?

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Have you wondered about how to go about acquiring an FFL? Or what it takes to acquire an FFL license? Well, the answer is both very simple and very complex. But once you finish reading, you’ll be better prepared to go about getting your FFL.

Truth be told, this is really just technically just a matter of paperwork and demonstrating compliance. However, we all know (or should know) that when it comes to the government, nothing is ever easy with paper or demonstrating compliance! With that in mind, let’s delve deeper into the world of the FFL.

Do You Need an FFL License?

First, we need to see if you even really have a need for an FFL. Some people don’t understand how FFL’s or Federal Firearms Licenses work or what they are for.  Because of this, we prepared a handy list to help you decide if you need an FFL or not.

Acquire an FFL license if you want to do any of the following:

  • Sell guns commercially.
  • Build a collection of curio and relic classified firearms with the assistance of an 03 FFL.
  • Manufacture guns or ammunition.
  • Engage in gunsmithing.
  • Get an SOT to make or sell NFA devices like silencers.
  • Own certain Curio and Relic NFA devices in states that require an 03 FFL to own C&R NFA items.

You do NOT need to have an FFL in order to own common NFA devices like silencers. Concepts like a “class 3 license to own a silencer” is a misnomer.

So as you can see there is no need to go through the trouble to get an FFL license unless you plan to engage in commercial activity with guns or ammo, or to make it easier to collect certain old guns.

How Do I go about Acquiring an FFL License?

We’re glad you asked! Maybe you want to have a part-time home based FFL business. Maybe you are ready to go into business full time for yourself and build custom guns. Or have some other plans that call for an FFL. Either way, it’s time to start the paperwork and just wait for the ATF to issue your license, right?

Well, not really. Filling out paperwork is just one aspect of acquiring an FFL. You have to provide a lot of information and even fingerprints.  You also have to have the ability to legally operate in the location you want to do business in.

Basically, if you are 21 or older and can legally own a gun in the United States you meet the bare minimum requirements established by the ATF to probably get an FFL. However, FFL’s are discretionary issue (except for 03 FFL’s which are pretty much always approved, as they are only for collecting) and the ATF can deny an FFL for things as simple as not liking how your business location is secured.

If you are planning on trying to get an FFL, you also need to familiarize yourself with a lot of different local, state and federal laws and regulations. You have to understand zoning, different kinds of business licensing, and the laws associated with what you are doing.

A person handling gun transfers from their garage will have to know different things than say a person trying to export NFA devices to foreign governments. So as long as you are comfortable with your ability to comply with a host of laws from local all the way to federal, then you are probably good to go with starting to acquire an FFL license.

What if I Want Help Acquiring an FFL License?

That is literally what we are here for! Sometimes it is really easy to get an FFL. Sometimes it is extremely hard. That’s why FFL123 has created our extensive online FFL course. As the oldest and most popular FFL course, FFL123 offers unique advantages.

  • 150 percent money-back guarantee! You’ll acquire your FFL, or we’ll lose money on it.
  • Expert industry insider staff to guide you through every single step of the process, including sticky zoning and regulatory issues.
  • Ongoing access to our exclusive member-only support forums where our experts and expert users help you with all your questions.
  • Regular newsletters with expert guidance and important industry news for our members.
  • Specially curated exclusive lists of vendors and distributors who are eager to work with FFL123 customers, no matter how big their business is!
  • And much, much more…

Acquiring an FFL can take months of prep work if you do it on your own. Navigating the confusing minefields of zoning regulations alone have stopped many people before they even started. FFL123 takes all that hard work and makes it easy. We have state-specific databases of information for dealing with just about any conceivable hurdle to acquiring an FFL license.

Ready to Acquire Your FFL? 

Great! Start by clicking here and choosing the FFL guide that is right for you. Our most popular one guides you through acquiring both an FFL license and an SOT so you can deal in NFA items. NFA items are one of the biggest growth markets for firearms and accessories in the US and are a rich source of profit.

Remember once you are able to get an FFL license you unlock a lot of great advantages.

  • Up to 30% markups on guns and even more on popular accessories.
  • Grow your own personal collection buying guns at dealer cost, while also growing your business.
  • Protect your guns from future bans and oppressive legislation.
  • Engage in the lucrative direct transfer market from online gun sales.

Are you ready to take the next step on your journey to getting your own an FFL? FFL123 has been helping people just like you get their FFL for over 15 years. We know what we are doing because we pioneered the entire online FFL guide concept. Don’t settle for imitators and copy cats. Let FFL123 get you your FFL today!

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