How to Apply for FFL?

How to apply for ffl by FFL123

Applying for an FFL can be quite intimidating. Government forms can be confusing or difficult to fill out. Sometimes it isn’t clear what sort of information is being asked for, and of course they are never short, simple documents. So this means a lot of people who want to apply for an FFL never do, because they are turned off by the process.

However, if you are interested in applying for an FFL, don’t worry. We’ve been helping people with this for nearly two decades and have learned a thing or three about the process and how to do it right. So let’s take a closer look and see if we can’t demystify the ffl application process some.

What Can You Do With an FFL?

There are a lot of reasons to apply for an FFL. Some people just want to collect old guns. Others want a Class 3 license or to get an SOT so they can make dealer sample machine guns.

Most FFL’s are engaged in the business of selling guns. Maybe even as a home based FFL. Others can make guns, ammo, NFA devices or even import guns and ammo. All have to fill out the same paperwork though and go through the same FFL application process.

Don’t Panic

The ATF does publish instructions on how to go fill out the forms when you apply for an FFL. Also called “Instructions for Form 7/7CR – Application for Federal Firearms License” these instructions on applying for an FFL are pretty weak.

However, if you can put up with government guides, you should be able to complete the application for FFL just following the ATF’s website.

However, there is more to getting an FFL than filling out a form…

Applying For an FFL

The first thing you need to do when you apply for an FFL is to make sure you are qualified to get one. Basically, if you answer yes to the following questions, then you should go ahead and proceed.

  • Can you (and any business partners) legally own a gun?
  • Are you over 21?
  • Are you a US citizen or permanent resident?
  • Can you operate the type of business you want at the location you’ve chosen? Zoning issues trip up a lot of FFL’s

While these are seemingly obvious issues, you’d be surprised at people who don’t think the basics through. But assuming you are good to go, what is next?

Well, you can go ahead and submit the paperwork, fingerprints and application fees, and wait for the ATF examiner to contact you, and then hope you can satisfy them well enough to get your FFL. But as with most things involving the ATF, they start getting complicated.

The Hard Part Of Your Application For An FFL

Assuming your paperwork clears (and that’s a really simple hurdle to jump) then your next step in your FFL application is sitting down with an ATF Examiner. They will make sure you are familiar with all federal, state and local laws and rules that apply to the kind of FFL business you’ll be operating. They’ll also make sure your location is properly zoned for your business, and that you have the required minimum equipment for your proposed business type. They’ll also want to make sure your proposed business location is compliant with all applicable regulations.

Now this is a lot of homework and preparation. And it is often poorly documented. So poorly in fact that you often have to chase down multiple sources and spend hours and hours researching laws and rules.

Some states require FFL’s to have certain kinds of signs, cameras, security equipment, or to be located a minimum distance from schools. These are all things you have to search for on your own, but also have to know before the ATF will approve your application for an FFL.

Other Things You Need

Even when you are done applying for an FFL, there are other things you’ll need too. These are the little things that can make or break a business. Knowing what suppliers offer what, who will work with small home based FFL’s, fixtures, bound book and inventory software and much, much more.

Again, these are things that aren’t readily found in one place and will require hours or even days and weeks of research on your own to get right. By now, you’ve conceivably spent many months getting all your ducks in a row along with your application for an FFL. And there is still no guarantee that you’ll even get your FFL.

What if there was a guaranteed way to get your FFL?

What if there was a simple solution that provided you with turn key sources for all your needs?

What if you could identify all the laws and regulations you have to comply with in just one place?

What if there was a single FFL guide that walked you through the entire process from application to opening?

Well there is.

The FFL 123 Advantage

Founded by business guru Brandon Maddox, FFL123 has been helping people just like you get their FFL for nearly two decades. We’ve helped huge numbers of Americans get the FFL they want and deserve. In fact we are so certain of our FFL guide, and the skills of our team of industry insider experts, that we guarantee you’ll get your FFL when you follow our program – or we’ll give you 150 percent of your money back!

No other FFL guide program even dares make that kind of offer.

FFL123’s team of industry insiders has taken all the guesswork out of FFL applications and are ready to guide you through the entire process step by step to ensure that you can fully satisfy any ATF Examiner. We’ll train and coach you on the entire process so you can get your FFL application complete and your business started!

Don’t wait any longer. Gun sales are at all time record highs and there is no better time than right now to get your FFL. That’s why we offer a special rate on our most popular FFL guide that will show you how to get your FFL and Class 3 license to sell popular NFA items like silencers and short barrel rifles. Click here to get started, and discover why FFL123 is the number one FFL guide program year after year after year after year.

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