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The key to success when you apply for an FFL is having access to a person with great knowledge, real-world experience, and expertise in the entire FFL process.  Someone in a forum that has an FFL is not necessarily an expert in helping you obtain an FFL in a completely different location.  As a reminder, overcoming local issues is often a large obstacle.  You need to seek a partnership with someone who has helped over 50,000 people since 2005 and currently holds four FFL and class 3 licenses in four different states.  Brandon at FFL123.com will be your ideal partner and you will be confident the information you get is accurate and tested in your situation.  See a reminder of all ffl benefits.

Knowing how to apply for an FFL license and obtaining your FFL license on the first try can be a confusing process with many unknowns, which in turn creates stress. FFL123 breaks the FFL application process down and walks side-by-side with our customers as they apply for their FFL license, ensuring a positive and successful outcome for customers.  Your success is what we seek!  We continue to have a 100% positive feedback on eBay for almost 20 years and A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau.

How To Apply For FFL

How To Apply For FFL Easily

There is a reason why Brandon Maddox, owner of FFL123, is one of the most trusted in the business. The countless positive customer testimonials for FFL123 found online speak for themselves.  As part of the comprehensive package, Brandon himself walks each customer through the process, answering any questions they have via email or instant chat. We even recently added video guides of all chapters in our guides as well.  Brandon also helps customers know which of the nine FFL license types they need to apply for and assists the customer in figuring out their respective local and state requirements.

Brandon walks customers through the necessary application forms. The 88 page resource preparing for the ATF meeting has gotten glowing reviews, which helps prepare applicants for their meeting with the ATF. Most folks do not realize that a majority of applicants are rejected on their first try. Knowing how to apply for FFL licenses correctly is necessary in order to be in the small minority who are approved successfully the first time.

How To Apply For FFL

Another great aspect of the FFL123 comprehensive package is that Brandon continues to assist his customers and share his insider knowledge once the customer has obtained their FFL. For example, he shares his detailed list of wholesalers and manufacturers from all over the United States. This list allows customers to easily find wholesalers, saving them hundreds of dollars on guns, firearms, and ammo.

Knowing how to apply for FFL licenses can be confusing. Remember that most applicants are rejected on their first try. Save yourself time, money, and precious energy by seeking help, and partner with one of FFL123′s comprehensive guides. Let Brandon Maddox share his insider knowledge with you today!

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