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FFL – Making Changes

Jul 31

FFL – Making Changes

One thing we have discovered about our customers and potential customers is that many of them like to move around occasionally. Some may move because they are in the military; others simply end up moving by chance. Either way, a concern that frequently comes up is “what happens if I move?”

Changing location is not as big of a deal as one might believe. Within the guide, we explain the procedure to update your FFL correctly when the address of the license needs to be changed. By following the instructions Brandon has laid out, you will not need to start the application process over simply to update the address on the FFL license! This works whether you move to a new house, new city, or new state. It’s also effective if you decide to open a storefront location.

Another change frequently asked about is changing or adding members or responsible parties to the FFL. Once again, Brandon has outlined this process in the guide to prevent you from needing to apply for a different FFL license. The FFL guide also gives you tips on who you should have as a responsible party on your FFL and who can just be considered an employee, as someone considered an employee still has some flexibility pertaining to matters with your FFL license.

There are a few situations in which you may need to apply for a brand new FFL, depending on the changes you’d like to make. If actual ownership of the FFL is changing, then the ATF will want you to apply for a new license. For example, if you decide to change from a sole proprietor to a LLC after you’ve already received your license, the ATF will see that as a new ownership as taking place. They’ll want you to get a new license.

The FFL123 Guides do more than just help you to obtain your FFL. The services last afterwards to ensure all of your questions get answered. Join FFL123.com to begin reaping the benefits today!

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  1. Hello Brandon,
    I hope all is well with you. I have moved from Florida to Georgia and wanted to know if you could give me the procedure on how to update to my new address. Thank you very much.


    • Submit amended FFL through ATF

  2. Informative discussion . I loved the facts ! Does someone know where I can get a blank ATF 4 (5320.4) form to fill out ?

    • Yes, in the FFL123.com member’s area sir

  3. Brandon, I submitted an amended FFL application. Now the ATF wants to come out to my house to complete the change…is this normal??

    Thanks, Charlie

    • Not too normal. I got a call on one I was amending recently as well.

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