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Most of us know that getting a Federal license of any sort is more than just filling out a complex government form. There are always layers of regulation, compliance and bureaucracy to comply with. That’s why a lot of people look for the best online FFL course, not for instructions on how to fill out a form, but for expert guidance on how to comply with the complex web of regulations the ATF imposes on FFL’s.

Now there are a lot of companies out there selling an online FFL course and they pop up with a simple web search. The question then isn’t is there an online FFL course, but which online FFL course is the best?

Let’s take a moment to be perfectly frank and honest. There are several companies selling online FFL’s at around the same price point and offering the same thing – help navigating Federal, state and local gun law, zoning regulations, licensing requirements, and pretty much any and everything involving getting and keeping your FFL. We all are reaching for the same market, and all are going to teach you how to navigate these murky and often confusing waters.

So what makes FFL123 the best online FFL course? Well, we’re glad you asked. Let’s start at the beginning…

Meet Brandon Maddox

When you buy an online FFL course, you aren’t buying a set of step by step instructions. Ok, that’s not totally true. We do give you that, but that’s because you need to fill out your initial application. Even the ATF gives you those step by step instructions. You aren’t buying our online FFL course for that – they are freely available almost anywhere.

No, when you take an online FFL course, you are hiring a teacher, a mentor and an industry expert.

Now some online FFL courses come from lawyers. In fact that’s really not a bad approach because of how much law you need to understand to successfully run your FFL business. But let’s be honest. You can hire a lawyer to peek over your shoulder and point out what you need to know. Lawyers are great experts, and we employ some ourselves.

But lawyers aren’t always businessmen nor do most of them operate successful FFL’s. Brandon Maddox is a businessman and successful FFL holder. In fact, he runs the nation’s largest silencer dealership with FFL’s in 42 different states!

When you buy our online FFL course, you are hiring a teacher and mentor with an impressive array of credentials. Brandon is a proven business expert and leader (and you need that kind of insight to operate an FFL.) No other online FFL course has been created by a person with these qualifications:

  • MBA in finance and marketing – you need a businessman to show you how to run a business!
  • Built the nation’s largest silencer dealership from the ground up. A man with 45 FFL’s should know a couple things about getting them!
  • An industry insider. Brandon has sat on the ATF’s National Firearms Advisory board. You want an online FFL course from somebody who has advocated for your rights and worked closely with the ATF!
  • Over 25 years of business and industry leadership, growth and development. Why get your online FFL from somebody who isn’t invested in the industry?

When you take an online FFL course from FFL123, you are getting over a quarter century of business and industry knowledge from a business and firearms industry leader who has built a nationwide network of NFA dealers and has helped over 100,000 Americans just like you get their FFL!

Now that you know your online FFL course is coming from a true business leader with deep roots in the firearms industry, let’s look at what you get from FFL123.

The FFL123 Advantage

Pretty much any online FFL course is a knockoff of Brandon’s proven successful methods. For nearly two decades, Brandon has been at the forefront of creating and providing expert guidance to people trying to get their FFL. In fact, Brandon’s course is so powerful, he guarantees you’ll get your FFL, or get a 150% refund!

Now FFL123 knows that not everyone wants the same thing out of an online FFL course, and may not want or need certain information.

While we offer an excellent value on our full package that includes training on how to get into the fascinating and lucrative world of NFA dealing and manufacturing, we also know that isn’t for everyone.

That’s why we have a three tiered set of online FFL courses to fit anyone’s need for FFL training. With FFL123, you can choose the following FFL courses.


FFL Courses

FFL Course 1: Basic FFL License Guide

Our basic FFL license guide teaches you how to get any FFL. Most folks use it to get an 01 or 07 FFL which allows for the most common forms of gun dealing and manufacturing. For many people, this is all the guide they’ll ever want or need, which is why it is a popular best seller!

FFL Course 2: SOT guide

Our SOT guide is for folks who already have an FFL. SOT’s are Special Occupation Taxpayer that allow the making or selling of NFA items like silencers depending on the kind of FFL you have and which SOT you get. This guide helps existing FFL holders upgrade their business with an SOT and is quite popular for that reason.

FFL Course 3: FFL and SOT together

Our best value – FFL and SOT together in one package! This one is for people who haven’t gotten their FFL and want to get started in the industry with the ability to make or sell NFA items as well as regular guns. We deeply discount this package too, and for that reason, even if you think you might want an SOT in the future, we strongly encourage you to buy this online FFL course.

We know the gun industry isn’t one size fits all, and that’s why our FFL guides aren’t one size fits all either.

Guided, Personalized Study

Brandon and his staff of industry insider experts don’t just toss you an online FFL course and leave you to your own devices. No, FFL123 is with you every single step of the way from filling out the application, to working through local zoning issues, to connecting you with suppliers, wholesalers and distributors!

That’s right, we make sure that not only do you get your FFL, but that you get all the industry connections that normally can take years to fully develop. We help a lot of people start small, part time home-based FFL’s and they are the most challenging to open and keep going. That’s why we specialize in finding distributors who will happily work with our customers even though they don’t maintain a traditional storefront. This is just one of the many little things you get from FFL123 that you can’t get elsewhere.

If you have questions Brandon and his crew are right there to answer you directly and personally. Plus, FFL123 customers have access to exclusive, member only forums where they can talk directly with Brandon and their peers to ask questions and share knowledge.

Ongoing Support

The firearms industry isn’t static, and we don’t expect our customers to drift about after they get started in business. That’s why we work hard to keep our customers up to date with the latest industry news, legal issues, and threats from the anti-gun camp. We believe we have a duty to our customers to give them all the same industry insider news we get, which is why we publish regular blogs and newsletters with crucial industry news for our members and customers.

Getting You the FFL You Deserve

There are a lot of reasons to get an FFL, and a lot of myths, half-truths and outright lies out there about FFL’s, online FFL guides and what it takes to be in or stay in the industry.

  • FFL123 cuts through all the static and chatter and delivers hard hitting, easy to understand and implement truths.
  • FFL123 will get you the home-based FFL you were told hasn’t been available anymore.
  • FFL123 will show you how to both successfully sell guns and buy guns for yourself with your FFL 100% legally and above board.
  • FFL123 will show you how you can even build machine guns legally with the right FFL and SOT – no demo letter required!

All this and more is right at your fingertips when you let Brandon and FFL123 go to work for you as your own personal experts. No other online FFL course offers such a rich array of advantages, expertise industry insider knowledge, and crucial business leadership that so often is missing in online FFL courses.

What are you waiting for? Choose the online FFL course that is right for you and start enjoying all the great advantages of your own FFL today!

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