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FFL Wholesalers

Jul 31

FFL Wholesalers

As you’ve likely gathered, one of the biggest perks of having your FFL license is the ability to purchase guns and accessories through wholesalers. Their prices are obviously lower than retail value as their purpose is to supply stores (and dealers and FFL holders) with their merchandise. This results in the savings you’ve been hearing about!

The ability to purchase through wholesalers is great, but what about the logistics? Who do you contact? How many wholesalers are out there? Who is the best? Those are all very valid questions and ones we’ve tracked down answers for just for you! Inside the Member Area of FFL123.com, we’ve provided you with all of the information you need to get your purchases going. We update this information very often and you can discuss with other in the member’s forum. We recently updated a new list of 30,000 plus ffl wholesalers. We help you in how to go about contacting wholesalers and getting accounts set up. We tell you who the big wholesalers are and who has the best pricing on different items. But beyond that, we also provide a list of thousands of other wholesalers!

Maybe you’d not only like to buy guns, but scopes and knives as well. There’re wholesalers for that. Or maybe you’d like to get all of the best firearms cleaning supplies for your weapons. There’re wholesalers for that too! There are also companies for holsters and slings and range bags and reloading supplies and archery and so much more! Everything you’ve ever needed for your shooting, hunting, or collecting hobby will suddenly be at your fingertips at much lower prices! You will have the benefit of saving while at the same time providing a service with your license to your community.

All of this information is waiting just inside the FFL123.com Member Area and always updated. Join FFL123.com today to learn more!

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  1. hello my name is chris with cherry mtn firearms I started my business about a year ago would like to buy direct I sell only by orders until business gets going I have my ffl in north Carolina I’m signed on with about 6 companys now my biggest supplier is sportsman guide and Davidson firearms if you need my license just email me

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