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FFL Dealer Guidelines for Gunshows

Jul 31

FFL Dealer Guidelines for Gunshows

FFL dealers can conduct business at a gunshow in their same state where licensed, ATF treats this as an extension of their ffl licensed location.

Under the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968, FFL dealers were prohibited from conducting business at gun shows. However, that changed with the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986. Under those provisions, FFL holders became enabled to conduct business, provided they follow all of the rules laid out in the GCA and other federal regulations.

The rules are simple but important to know. They are as follows:

For FFL holders licensed in the State in which the gun show is taking place, you must display your license. This is a general rule that applies at your licensed location (home, office, building) as well. You also must comply with record keeping, again, as you would normally do at your licensed location. This includes all acquisitions, dispositions, and recording the place of sale. You may only sell handguns to eligible residents of your state. Remember, this is referring to the situation in which the gun show is also in your state. You may sell a long gun to a resident of any state, provided the purchaser is at least 18 years old, the provisions of the Brady law are met, and the sale would be legal in both states. You may dispose of firearms to any FFL holder. You may acquire firearms from any FFL licensed in the state and any unlicensed individual.

Remember to record where these firearms came from. Finally, if a non-licensee would like a gun you cannot otherwise sell to him/her, you may take an order for that firearm and ship it to a FFL holder in the purchaser’s state. That FFL holder will then follow the provisions of the Brady law to dispose of the firearm to that individual.

For FFL holders who are NOT licensed in the state in which the gun show is being held, the license must still be displayed. You cannot make any sales, unless it is a curio or relic, and the purchaser is a FFL holder in any state. All laws of both states regarding firearms sales must be followed. Also, you may ship any curio or relic from that show to any other FFL holder. You may acquire firearms from any FFL holder licensed in the state of the gun show and from an unlicensed individuals. You must be sure to record the acquisitions in your records. Finally, you may display and take orders.

Gun shows are a great way to help support the extra income advantage of being a FFL holder. We started our Class 3 weapons business at gun shows and we work every gun show in several states to keep our business running in all year. Don’t under estimate the power of a gunshow worked correctly.

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