FFL License Experts with Real-world Experience

FFL License Experts with Real-world Experience

With a quick internet search, you can find “experts” on absolutely every subject. Someone does something once, and suddenly, armed with the power of a witty blog, they know everything there is to know on the subject matter! But obviously, this isn’t true. Otherwise, you’d find thousands of “FFL Experts” (FFL License Experts) all over the place. It takes continuous research and understanding of a subject to truly create an expert in any field.  Just because you have an FFL does not mean you are an expert at helping others get an FFL also.

Our unique experience with FFL licenses and dealing with the ATF is one of the factors that keeps us ahead in the Federal Firearms License advice industry. Brandon obtained his first FFL years ago with the startup of his business, South Dakota Silencer. He then expanded into North Dakota and got his FFL for that state with the creation of North Dakota Silencer. In 2012, Brandon decided to merge his North and South Dakota operations and landed on one trade name for both locations- Dakota Silencer. Soon after the name change (which meant updating both the FFLs in each state), Brandon applied for and received a new FFL for his South Dakota location. Brandon also ventured into manufacturing FFL, transfer business FFL and several other FFL businesses before focusing solely on NFA items.

Now he and his Dakota Silencer team have set their sights on a new horizon- expanding the business into Nebraska, Wyoming, and eventually Montana. They recently completed the ATF interview with Nebraska, and the Wyoming application is at the ATF licensing center (updated – now live in WY & NE). Our next FFL License will be number eight (8) Brandon has personal managed himself, meeting with ATF each time and often with two investigators present at each ATF meeting.

It’s easy to see, Brandon has a ton of experience in the process of getting an FFL. And not just that, but getting an FFL in several different states, different FFL specialties, and moving around locations as needed. He has found that although the ffl application process is the same across the nation, meeting with different ATF inspectors in different regions continues to provide new insights into the business. It also helps him to stay abreast of any changes that might be occurring in the federal firearms world.

Like I said, it takes experience, research, and action to create an expert. Brandon and FFL123.com exude all of these qualities and more. If you’d like to become part of the vast knowledge base, Join FFL123.com today! We gain experience each day from our 50,000 plus active customers in our ffl forums.

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