FFL Dealers Per State by Population

FFL Dealers Per State by Population

How many FFL dealers are in your area? It may be easy to name all, or at least most, of the gun stores in your area. However, you may not know about all of the home-based dealers in your city. FFL123.com has compiled data to create a list of FFL dealers per capita in all of the states! Is your per capita rate high? Great! It means demand is likely high in your area and you can tap into it! Is per capita low? Then get your FFL, and you will be able to provide a service to all of the folks in your area!

FFL Dealers by State

The number of FFL dealers was pulled from the ATF’s list of FFL holders from their website, atf.gov. The population statistics were pulled from the U.S. Census Bureau’s population estimates for 2012 based on information gathered from the 2010 census. Some cool facts!  Join FFL123.com Now!

FFL’s by Population


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